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The CAWS Board of Directors is pleased to begin its fourth year of operations at the CAWS Adoption Center in Delta. In 2012, CAWS took over shelter operations after The City of Delta was forced to stop operations due to budget constraints. This past year, CAWS rescued 262 dogs and cats and placed 216 in new forever homes. Thirty-three pets were returned to their families.

CAWS has seen a good deal of growth and progress over the past three years including several improvements to the facility and, most notably, the addition of a 6,000 square foot exercise yard for dogs provided by The City of Delta.

CAWS is kicking off 2015 with an exciting project that will eventually lead to an expansion of the building to include reception, office and isolation space. Temporary office space has just been set up in a mobile unit and, what was the office in the building, has been converted into a much needed, temporary isolation room. Here, dogs will enter into the CAWS adoption system and be monitored for ten days before joining the Center’s general population.

The addition of the temporary isolation space will also mark the launch of a partnership with Abraham Connection/Delta County Homeless Shelter to begin boarding the pets of homeless people who wish to utilize the services of Abraham Connection but have no place to keep their pet overnight. As well as providing shelter, food and water, CAWS staff will maintain records and provide standard vaccinations for these animals and Dr. Carmichael with Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic will be on call to provide Rabies vaccinations.

“We are so excited about the coming year,” says shelter manager Jessica Garrett. “This ISO unit is desperately needed so that we can protect our other dogs from disease and sickness.” The Adoption Center already maintains an isolation area for cats.

“Despite a $20,000 loss last year, we are continuing to move forward to provide the best care for homeless local pets and to be the best resource for Delta County’s residents that we can be,” says CAWS board member, JoAnn Kalenak. “We are grateful to the residents of Delta County, to The City of Delta and to the County for their help, advice and continued support.”

You can view CAWS financials including 990 tax returns at Colorado Secretary of State’s registered charity directory: The CAWS number is 20073011428 and can be entered into the search bar.